Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why not?

I have been keeping a Journal and writing Blogs for classes so I decided to just add a Blog to post my real thoughts and feelings.

Things have been really different for me lately but in a good way. I was afraid that I would fall back into a comfort zone once I got up here. I did not want to fall back at all in my relationship once I left the strong love of my home. I knew it would be hard too; having my best friend in a fraternity and being around that scene.

I surprised myself at how completely uninterested I am to the things of this world. I have always been relatively resistant to temptations but now the things I use to struggle with don't even tempt me anymore. I laugh at their uselessness and the pain they cause. I am reminded in Proverbs 27:12,"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it". I just hope I am the prudent, there are really so many dangers, I have been pretty good at taking refuge from the obvious ones but there is so much more.

I have also been given a great peace this last week. I have been reading a lot for once and I came across some stories which demonstrated God's timing so beautifully. For some reason, I guess it is stems from never being in a relationship, I had had a fear of never getting married. This is just crazy to be thinking at only 21. I don't know if it came from that or all the school work, real work or entrance exams I have been worrying about but I have been restless for the first time in my life since I have been up here. It has never taken me longer then 5mins to fall asleep before I moved to Tallahassee. For the past 4 weeks I have laid in bed for hours every night. I think it will start to fade away because I truly found peace last weekend. God has something so amazing for me if I can just be patient. In Christ the best is always yet to come.

Casting my cares to Christ; He cares for me more then I can imagine.

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