Thursday, December 31, 2009


Do you think any one loved Jesus back as much as He loved them? Definitely not. If I am trying to be Christ like why does it hurt so much when I love and care for people for seemingly no reason? I like to think of life as being fair, but then again if it was I would be going to Hell so I guess I prefer this unfair world God created.

Bottom line:
It is a blessing only from God to be able to love others who don't love back. I will continue trying to remember that I can't out love God and I demonstrate His love with my love for others. The hardest part for me is to continue pure love for someone who has hurt me without trying to hurt them back, just a little. I can see Jesus in this situation just laughing at its pettiness. I think He would say to just love more. What else can one do? I think it is the best way to fix any problem. Does showing a person how they wronged you help? Loving a person who wronged you not only helps the situation but it also shows God's love.

I will continue to try to love everyone, no matter what. Maybe I can touch one persons life.

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