Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make up my mind

I wish I could decide what I was going to do for more then the next few months. I am now going to try to find a lease that doesn't go into the summer so if I can find a sweet internship overseas I won't have to waste more money. I also am really wondering if FSU is the best place to be getting my degree from. I will see how well their public health program is and than decide. I just have this feeling that I would have gotten into UF and their program is so much better. I can always transfer in the Fall. God must have kept me up in Tallahassee for something so I will stay there as long as I feel led. I don't feel like I got all that was intended for me from there yet. I want to see what happens with 4 Oaks and my good friends up there. UF would make me start over again, I have some good friends their too but no church and it's not the same.
Praying that I follow His plan and not my own. It's so hard to tell the difference sometimes.

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