Friday, March 26, 2010

Lawyers, Lobbyist and Legislatures

Those are the people I spend my days with now. A few weeks ago I had no idea what Session was but now I find myself knee deep in it. This is a very exciting time; it’s the 2 months we have to pass laws. My office, FHCA, has been kind enough to allow me to be a part of their political team this year. It’s funny how last week the capital was big, confusing and filled with tons of people. This week I found myself wondered by how small it is. Sure there are thousands of people there but I see so many familiar faces every day that it is now a friendly place. Maybe it’s because I am probably the youngest person there or my happy smile but everyone seems to recognize me so even if I don’t know someone’s name we will still say hi. I spend my days hanging out with our lobbyists, fighting for the rights of those who are too busy providing care to our elders to testify for themselves.

If you asked me last month what I wanted to do I wouldn’t have even thought about saying lobbyist but I am thinking about it now. My boss suggested I try it after I finish my internship because I would be good at, be helping help others and taking home a nice paycheck. I am not sure if this is God’s plan for me yet but it does seem to be falling into place nicely. I will continue to have an open mind and heart to hear what God is really telling me.

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