Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Lord please remove my selfish, prideful heart. You continue to bless me as I continue to take pride in your blessings as if I had something to do with them. This is embarrassing , why do I still want to exalt myself among men? I am proud of my job, which you handed me. I am proud at what my boss and our CEO said to me today when they took me out to lunch. Everything good they said about me wasn’t really me at all; any seemingly good within me is you Lord. If they saw me without You, I probably wouldn’t have a job. I had to hold back tears today when they were saying my praises because it was so real to me that what they were describing was not me at all but just You covering my flaws. Thank you Lord. Thank you for giving me a job where I can tell my boss that I am not sure what I will be doing after I graduate. I said I might go overseas to serve in missions or I might stay here to serve in missions, we are all missionaries and I will only be in a career which I feel does good or where I can witness and serve the Lord. I said I have no problem staying with them if I feel that the Lord has placed me there for a reason but if I don’t feel that then I will do something else. I said I don’t really make plans for my future and I don’t care if I reach my goals which I have made because I don’t know yet if they are God’s same goals. How can I plan ahead when God is the one opening the doors and pulling my arm to follow Him? Our CEO is a Christian and asked a lot about Four Oaks and he said he thinks he’s going to come try it out because he has heard a lot of good things about it.

I might be wrong but I would assume many people don’t tell their bosses those things when they are at a meeting about future career placement. I feel like God has surrounded me and I am always free to speak His name. I don’t speak it lightly either, He is my all and that is different from most but I think I was respected for what I had to say. It might not have helped me find a full time job but who cares about that, God will always provide.

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