Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tough Love

I am having trouble finding the balance between being an accepting, loving friend and being a friend who loves enough to not keep silent about sin. I guess it depends on the situation and the person but I never know how hard to confront sin. I always feel like I will scare people away or ruin relationships. I have decided that I am okay with ruining every relationship I have for Christ. The tricky part is knowing if speaking out is the best method. Can they see the Christian life just by my unconditional love? They might but I think I have been living in that mindset for too long now and I need to step my love up. Love does not let someone destroy themselves. I am sorry to anyone I hurt, I am not judging, I am the worst sinner anyway, I am only trying to get you closer to God. Love is driving this, nothing else. I wish more people loved me this much because it makes breaking sins hold so much easier.

God gives me the power to stop people from wasting life and show them the path to eternal life, how cool is that. I just pray that everything I do or say is from God with love. Is there a better way to show someone I care about them?

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