Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is going to be another great week. I am starting to get busy which is amazing. Notables this week are Stephie's 22nd Birthday, Josh visiting, Phil Wickham; all this along with the normal Thursday Bible Study and amazing church make for a ever improving time up in Tally.

I had a great day, loving and productive. I met some amazing people at church and at my fellowship group. These are the people I have been looking my whole life for, people who immediately show you love. I have never been good at doing that but I knew it was something Christians were suppose to do but I had never witnessed it. At Four Oaks everyone has shown so much love and I have only been there for about a month.

God is good. I have more joy in my life then ever before. I may have a lot of problems right now but that is the great thing about joy, it is not dependent on circumstances, God just grants it to you.

Thank you for Joy and Peace in my time of despair and uncertainty Lord.

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