Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am around 100pages into "Desiring God" and it is amazing and life changing. It is also very harsh, I always hoped the narrow path was wider then He eludes too. It never seemed fully right that all one had to do was believe that Jesus died for our sins and a few things that go along with that to enter Heaven. While there are verses that state that, John Piper shows us so many more which demonstrate how few Christians will actually enter into His kingdom. I am very happy to be one of His elect but it brings me great sorrow knowing how many people I once hoped would make it in most likely wont. He is still just, and I definitely do not deserve the grace He gave me by electing me, but it still hurts to think of all the people living with the wrong heart who just don't understand what God wants from them. My prayers go to all of them, it might be a greater call to help the lukewarm Christians become Christian Hedonists. If you really think about the number of people who are truly loving and living in Him the number is minuscule. We are told the small number of people who attend church, unfortunately this number does not correlate very well with the people who are living for Him.

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