Thursday, October 15, 2009


A long with everything else I had going on this semester, like taking 18 credits, I had to study for the LSAT and GRE. People might assume I am smart but I just work hard. I am really bad at tests like these. I go into this test tomorrow with just finishing the GRE book today and not doing good on the practice test. I just took a timed test for the first time today and only scored a 950. It might not matter how much I accomplished during my undergrad if I cant perform tomorrow.

It really doesn't matter to me though. I know that God will be there. He knows what I should do with my life and maybe not getting into grad school will be the best thing that ever happens to me. I will just be happy to be done with all these tests. I am excited to see whether or not God wants me to go to FSU this spring or not. Life is exciting and kind of scary right now. At worst I learned some big words out of all this.

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