Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Mom fell at TJ-Max today and broke her elbow. She was in so much pain when she called me. I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad because of all the pain medication she is already on but I guess not. I hate that she is home during the day alone and things like this can happen. I mean the reason I moved home after sophomore year to help my family and they still need lots of help. I don’t know if they will ever be good though. I guess in America we are told that we don’t have to take care of our families after we are 18. I mean even if I was home this still could have happened, but I could help out around the house and with Trev so my Dad doesn’t have even more work to do. I don’t know who has it harder, my Mom or Dad. Somehow they are still so positive and full of love. I am so thankful to have them as parents; they have always done their best and given me more than they should have. I know I would have had to move away eventually but I didn’t have to leave this semester, I just wanted to be with friends. God works in mysterious ways, maybe I needed this more then they needed me – or even better maybe someone up here needs me. Lol I like thinking I am needed, who knows, maybe no one needs me.

As always, LOTS and LOTS of prayer - it's the only thing I can do from up here.

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