Monday, October 26, 2009

Old Friend

Today while I was running I got a call from an old friend. I decided to stop running and pick it up. He was calling just to ask if I needed any prayer. I told him the major things in my life that need prayer and asked him what I could pray for. We also talked about what God is doing in our lives and where we think He is leading us - understanding where He is leading us was something we both really wanted prayer about.

This was a really uplifting conversation but I got to thinking after I hung up, why I don't ask my friends what they need prayer about? I pray for everyone in my life, but I pray for what I believe they need, not what they ask me to pray about. It is an awkward thing to ask. If someone answers truthfully it is very personal. We need prayer for our weaknesses and many people want to keep these hidden. I then got to thinking about the people I pray about and if they would want to tell me what they REALLY need prayer about. There have been a few big things that I never asked for prayer about because I did not want anyone to know about them.

I would not have given him all the information about my life and my current feelings if he had not asked about where I needed prayer. This just made me feel like it was ok to be uncensored. I hope that I can get past the awkward with people and start asking them how I can help them through prayer.

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